Fueled by Vision or Sedated by Fantasy?

A Daily Leadership Essentials Quote

from Veritas Leadership Journal at HeartPathJournal.net


A couple of practical definitions that relate to our daily work ethic:

“A Vision is a snapshot revelation of the future that inspires one everyday to work diligently at building toward its full realization.”

“A Fantasy is a greed-feeding daydream of the future that lulls one to believe that work is unnecessary for its fulfillment, expecting the daydream’s mysterious materialization.”

Are we fueled by a Vision, or sedated by a Fantasy?

( djh / “Vision or Fantasy?” )


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Why do We Pray?

A Daily Thought Provoker Quote
from Heart & Path Journal at HeartPathJournal.net
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“Do we pray in order to fulfill an expectation of others (or even of ourselves), or do we pray primarily because we love God and we don’t want to miss out on a single minute of available communion time with Him?”

( David J. Hall )

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