Sibling Rivalry

Jesus, being conceived in a virgin named Mary by God’s creative power (the same power that created the universe!), had Mary as His birth-mother and Joseph as His step-father. We know from scripture’s record that Jesus, being the first-born into Joseph’s household, had at least 4 half-bothers and 2 or more half-sisters whose birth-parents were Joseph and Mary.

Imagine the Sibling Rivalry there must have been among Jesus’ siblings. Can you imagine being a brother and how unfair it would seem to always have your parents take that one brother’s side in a sibling disagreement? Can you imagine when there was children-chaos in the house and all the kids were grounded… except for that one brother? Talk about feeling like there was favoritism on your parents’ part!

Being Joseph and Mary, parents of the divine Christ Child and of 6 or more un-divine children could not have been easy. Imagine them trying to not show favoritism to any one of their children, but one of them is perfectly sinless. When He was told to take the trash out to the curb (so to speak) He always did it, and on time!

When the other kids would try to bait Him into being sneaky and cheeky, He always declined, leaving the siblings in a state of frustration. Perhaps at one point, within the context of a private family meeting, the parents sat down with all the kids and shared about Jesus’s birth announcement by an Angel, and Who He really was.

Even when Jesus was in His public ministry, His brothers (and maybe even His sisters) still did not believe in who He was:

“For even his own brothers did not believe in him.”

‭‭~ John‬ ‭7:5‬

It appears that His siblings eventually came into the faith after His crucifixion and resurrection. They were significant participants in the early church.

Do you have a sibling who has grown up to be a very effective Man of God or Woman of God? Obviously they are not Jesus, but they are a representative of Christ. As mature adults both in body and in the faith, let us leave our sibling rivalry behind and acknowledge what God is doing in them, through them, and around them.


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Involving Jesus in Our Fun-Life

“Dear woman, why do you involve Me?” Jesus replied. “My time has not yet come.”

( John 2:4 / Jesus talking with His mother, Mary. )

They were at a wedding party and Mary, seeing the smallest of opportunities, got Jesus involved.  She probably didn’t have a clue as to what He might do, but she knew that whatever He did do, it would be life changing.  After all, He is the Son of God and though Jesus told her that His time to be revealed was not on this particular evening, Mary pressed the issue by telling the servants to do whatever He would tell them to do.

No doubt, the tenacity of this woman was treasured by Jesus.  She was insisting that He transition from being her son to becoming their Lord.  Everyone had come to the wedding to celebrate and to enjoy a party, but she insisted on involving Him in that fun setting.  She did not know what He would do, but whatever He would do, it would be wonderful and glorifying to God.

As the story unfolds, Jesus helped with a problem of a shortage of wine.  So, with the servants becoming involved at His request, He turned a large supply of water into wine.  Very good wine!

This was the first of many miracles that Jesus performed during His ministry time, miracles that accompanied His preaching and teaching, demonstrating and proving that He is the Son of God.

In the course of your daily life, how frequently do you involve Jesus, especially in the fun times? We don’t need to know ahead of time what He will do or say, all He needs is our personal invitation to get involved, and then our commitment to follow through and to do whatever He tells us to do.

Get ready to be amazed at what He will do in the midst of our fun-filled lives.  God is about to bring glory to His name, and to welcome people into His kingdom!