Parents of Developmentally Delayed Children

Is it being suggested by your child’s teachers that he may be Developmentally Delayed or might have a Personality Disorder? Are you struggling with seeing your child through the teachers’ eyes? Or, are you rejecting their suggestions altogether, and you are highly offended by their theory concerning your child?

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“How’s Your Daily Devotional Life?”

Sometimes the Holy Spirit prompts us (as Pastors, or Leaders) to offer the simplest of solutions for people’s greatest life-challenges, instead of inspiring us with His deep and sometimes mysterious counsels of divine wisdom.

There is a young man who experienced the Spirit’s simplest of strategies for overcoming life’s most complex dilemmas.

When I was pastoring we sometimes had an open mic segment in a Sunday Evening service where people could share a testimony with the whole church. This one young man shared how he came into the office one day to see me. His emotional and mental life was in a shambles, so he was asking for help.

After hearing his long list of difficulties in dealing with daily life, I asked him simply,

“How are your daily times of devotions? Some prayer, some Bible reading?”

He shared with the church how, at that moment, he thought to himself “That’s it? That’s ALL you’ve got to offer me?” And though we did talk at length about details of his life, he didn’t remember any of that (all of my great, deep counsel was lost on him!). All he could remember after our time together was, “How are your daily devotions?”

He openly admitted that he was very flustered and was not impressed. He expected something more profound and really deep for handling his overpowering daily life’s issues.

Nonetheless, he started daily devotions. Thirty days later he realized that his daily life’s issues were calm, his emotions were at peace, and his mind was settled. His love for the Lord was renewed, and he was enjoying life.

As he continued to share his testimony, he said, “So, if you expect Pastor Dave to counsel you out of your grave with a bunch of deep, dramatic stuff; but all you get out of him is, ‘How’s your devotional life?’, you need to listen to him, and you need to do it! It has saved my life!

So, my conclusion about practicing a Daily Devotional Life is:

If life hurts when you don’t do it, then just do it!


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Who Will You Listen To For Advice?

The World Population Clock ( ) currently estimates the globe’s total population at 7.3 Billion souls. That’s a mind boggling 7,300,000,000.

So, I would like to ask you a question. Out of 7.3 Billion people, who are you willing to listen to when they advise that you are wrong about something very important in life?

“The way of fools seems right to them, but the wise listen to advice.”

~ Proverbs 12:15

All of us are imperfect. We need the shared wisdom and insight from one another. To “listen to advice” does not mean that it is done blindly, but it does mean to hear what someone has to say and to give honest and careful consideration to it because they just might be right!

When a person literally has no one in the world that they can be corrected by, they just might be foolish. They are convinced that their way is the best way, they explain away all other voices, they make excuses that pardon themselves, and that all others’ ways are foolish. Again, it’s not about blindly accepting everybody’s advice, but it is about having a small circle of trusted friends that can speak into a person’s life and genuinely be heard and considered.

So, to reiterate, out of 7.3 Billion people on the planet, how many do you trust to give you good and important advice without your meeting them with resistance and suspicion? The fool has none (or they are only “Yes” men), while the wise have some.


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