Should Non-Catholic Christians Pray for the Pope?

Pope FrancisSome non-Catholics have asked why the media is providing so much coverage of the new Pope, Pope Francis being his papal name. They don’t mind the coverage, they even find it interesting and historical.

In answer to their question, I think that the first and foremost answer would be the fact that the Pope is a VERY influential spiritual leader of those who hold to the Catholic faith.

The global membership of the Catholic Church is 1.6 Billion people. That is “Billion” with a “B.” The global population currently stands at just over 7 Billion (according to the official World Population Clock).

The Pope is the influential spiritual leader of 23% of the world’s population. That is between 1 out of every 4 people, or 1 out of every 5 people is a Pope-influenced person.

That makes the Pope THE most influential leader of the masses (no pun intended!) in the world!

THAT is why almost all the media in the world are focused today upon today’s selection and announcement of the Pope.

As a [non-Catholic] Christian, I therefore believe that it is prudent to include the Pope in the list of world leaders that I pray for regularly (scripture teaches us to pray for leaders). In fact, because of the influence the Pope has upon so many of my fellow Americans, it is prudent to include him in the prayer list of America’s leaders.

See you at the altar of prayer where we pray for all leaders, who [according to scripture] have been given by God authority, power, and influence to serve the population.