About Me

I am a [1] Pastor, [2] Publisher, and [3] Leadership Coach.  Currently I am on a medical sabbatical so I minister on a reduced schedule, communicating mostly through writing.

Ministry involvement has included speaking in churches, at retreats (for men or women), and at conferences.

Writing is a passion that has been developing, and opportunities to write articles, courses, workbooks, and text books are keeping me wondering how I will ever get them done… except by the Grace of God!

My life’s passion is to grow in Prayer, communion with our Heavenly Father. A friend of mine who has heard me speak probably a hundred times or more (literally!) has humorously told others that I am able to start with ANY passage of scripture–regardless of how obscure it might seem–and finish the message on the topic of prayer.  He is now convinced the entire Bible is about one subject: PRAYER!  (I think I agree with him on that.)

I love my God, I love my wife, and I love my life!


One thought on “About Me

  1. Dave, prayer is the need of the hour (for the Body of Christ and for the lost). Oswald Chambers said (paraphrasing), “Prayer does not equip us for the greater work; prayer is the greater work.” May the Lord bless your work. Scott


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