How Do We Reach This New Generation?

How do we reach this new generation with the message of Christ?

Their thought patterns, their cultures, the basis of their decisions, their perspective on life and death, their outlook on spirituality, it has all changed dramatically in the last decade here in America. The established church, in many ways, is grasping at air as they keep implementing their tried-and-true programs and techniques that seemed to work on the previous generation.

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On The Lighter Side…

The Far Side™ cartoon series, if you are not familiar with it, is a wonderful window into the uniquely humorous world of Gary Larson. Sometimes the humor is based upon the impossible, sometimes upon the ironic, and sometimes just deeply philosophical… all shared with a heavy dose of fun.

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Leaders: Mentor!

A Daily Leadership Essentials Quote
from Veritas Leadership Journal at
by David J. Hall


There is an association of more than 400 young men who express a commitment to learn how to honor God in every area of life. They were asked if they regularly meet with an older man for advice, encouragement, accountability, or prayer.

Only 2% said yes.

But, 98% said they would welcome that kind of relationship.

Christian Leaders, it’s assumable that 98% of your group [who are committed to personal growth and development in godliness] would welcome a Mentoring Relationship with you, or with one of the group’s other leaders.

( djh / “The Call to Mentoring” )


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