Parents of Developmentally Delayed Children

Is it being suggested by your child’s teachers that he may be Developmentally Delayed or might have a Personality Disorder? Are you struggling with seeing your child through the teachers’ eyes? Or, are you rejecting their suggestions altogether, and you are highly offended by their theory concerning your child?

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Love vs Hate

A Daily Thought Provoker Quote
from Heart & Path Journal at
Online Publications of David J. Hall


“We often mistakenly believe that the opposite of love is hate. But I believe that is incorrect. The opposite of loving others is being self-centered. If your focus is always on yourself, you will never be able to build positive relationships.”

( John Maxwell / “Winning With People” )


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The Fellowship of the Saints

Defining Fellowship:

Koinonia’ (Greek term in Acts 2:42, et al.), translated as:

  • fellowship, relationship, association, community, communion, joint participation.
  • The beneficial outcome of relational interaction with others.

Our fellowship with the saints (the followers of Christ, also called the Church) is a powerful and integral part of our being healed, renewed, and discipled in our life of faith in Christ. Fellowship, our interaction with other people through relationships is so important that 6 out of the Ten Commandments deals directly with our relations with other people (the other 4 out of the Ten Commandments deals with our fellowship with God Himself).

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