The Veterans Deserve Our Best

We need a Norman Schwarzkopf-like General to take the lead at the Veterans Administration (“VA”), and give him firing-squad (bullets, not pink slips) authority for any staff who are guilty of abandonment of post or dereliction of duty.

Some might say this would be too harsh (and I guess that I agree, it would be), but most would also agree that having a top notch VA most definitely IS possible, given the right “motivation.”

I’m not a vet (though I confess that I’m a military wanna-be), but I believe our Vets deserve (whether they worked at a desk on a base state-side, or in the supply chain, or traded munitions with the enemy on the front line) to receive our best efforts at home (whether answering phones at the Hotline, nursing and caring for the sick and wounded, doing surgery, or being a benefits advocate).

TO OUR VETS: We are sorry that you are not receiving our best. Perhaps “we the people” need to blitzkrieg (politically, of course) Congress to influence a swift and effective change. Once again, we ask that you please don’t give up on us.

Thank You for your continuing service (if you are suffering, in my book you are still “in the Service”).


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