Looking For A Life-Defining Purpose

Recently a quarterback for an NFL team remained seated during the national anthem while the entire stadium all around him stood to honor the flag and country.

He says he remained seated as a form of protest against a supposed run amuck white police force across the nation who is murdering the masses of the minorities.

Colin Kaepernick is simply exhibiting a classic symptom of a person who is in desperate search for a life-defining purpose and meaning.

Being born and raised with a mixed race heritage seems to have left him without a sense of identity as to which people-group he might feel most comfortable relating with.

Being adopted by loving white parents didn’t help to further establish his sense of belonging or purpose.

Being a hard working and successful college student and college football player didn’t satisfy his longing for belonging to something worthwhile.

Being (for a time) a first-string quarterback in the NFL with football and promotional contracts throwing more money into his bank accounts than he might possibly ever spend in his lifetime (unless he squanders it) has left him empty.

Now facing the possibility of being cut from the team (and maybe from his career) because a of lack-luster performance he is once again reaching for purpose.

We have seen this before in all walks of life.

We will see this again at every level.

The fact is simple: our purpose is not found in making a public stand for something that doesn’t really cost us anything except some publicity and some boo’s. Life-defining purpose that is satisfying and is worth living for is the purpose that is worth giving up EVERYTHING for.

Living for Christ is more than paying the cost of some publicity and some boo’s. It’s even more than giving up riches and fame. It’s giving up everything.

But in return we receive a satisfaction that only comes through having a Life-Defining Purpose that is completely wrapped up in the name and person of Jesus Christ.

So, to Colin I say this: “When you have exhausted yourself, when you have frustrated yourself, when you are ready to give up… Give Jesus Christ a call out. Yeah, I know the world laughs at the idea, but the only ones that aren’t laughing are the ones who have already reached the end and in one last desperate attempt at finding purpose, they called Him. He is Real!

#PastorsTip #Kaepernick

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