A Quiet Call to Deep Intercession

Today when I was thinking about prayer and its many forms and depths, I chuckled when I recalled my Dad gently teaching me about the difference between “deep intercession” and “saying grace” over the family meal.

As I recall I think I was praying a lengthy prayer on behalf of missionaries while the food grew cold and everyone else patiently waited for my amen.

Dad was very gracious in how he later approached that teaching moment in my life, and I thank him and Mom for every lesson they imparted to my sister and I over the years.

The lesson reminded me today of the difference between “saying grace” at meal time and offering “deep intercession” on behalf of God’s glory and His Kingdom.

It made me wonder: Perhaps He wants to remind us of the difference between what we do regularly and that which is most needful in these days. Perhaps if we will endeavor to hear His still, small, and gracious voice we might hear Him calling us to times of prayer beyond saying grace over our meals.

Keeping our meal-time prayers brief is appropriate, just as appropriate as it is to take other times out of our days and nights to enter deep intercessory prayer.

If prayer beyond meal-time is a new venture into unfamiliar territory, please know that the GREATEST School of Prayer is located very near to you… it is found wherever your knees will touch the ground. Prayer is mostly learned while actually praying.

Don’t worry, God isn’t impressed by prayers said with poetic verse, nor prayers offered in King James English, nor prayers that are filled with reciting long theological words and terms. However, He IS impressed when we pour out our hearts in our own language: the language of our own hearts!

Thanks for reading! See you later today (or even now?) at the altar of prayer.

One thought on “A Quiet Call to Deep Intercession

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