We Are Uniquers!

What would the world be like if EVERYONE was just like me? Now before you get all giggly at the jokes that I have just opened myself up to, consider this: What would the world be like if EVERYONE was just like YOU?

“Thank You, Lord, for diversity!”

I don’t mean “diversity” exactly like our society means it (I don’t include the diversity of a sinful lifestyle). I am however, thankful for different skin colors, different languages, different cultures, different personalities, different talents, different skills, different interests, different humors, different physiques, different perspectives, different perceptions, and different genders (only the 2 original ones though!).

As much as life is difficult to navigate in this world full of 7 Billion uniquely different people, it is much preferred to a world where EVERYONE is just like me (or just like you)!

I’m sure that if everyone was just like me in every way, God would be stuck in an eternal eyes-rolled-up and sighing condition. But, thankfully (can I get an amen?) there is only ONE of me (and only ONE of you)!

You and I are made DIFFERENT from everyone else for a purpose, a divine purpose! We are “uniquers.” God didn’t want an army of robots that all operated on the exact same operating system with the exact same outcomes. Instead, He wanted a family without identical twins that would fill the house of heaven with joy and laughter with Him.

Some people may never like us, some people may always look down on us, some people may never notice us, and some people may mock us because of how we are different from them. But the problem is not because we are different from them, it is because they think everyone should be like them.

All of us are on a journey. Some people will learn early in life to appreciate God’s diversity in humanity, while others will only learn to appreciate His diversity (us and others) late in their life.

As for you and me, we will enjoy life to its fullest when we walk with Christ and appreciate every single human being that He has created, each with their own distinct qualities with unique measures in all of the components that come together and form a human being: a “uniquer.”

Let’s now go forth and be happy campers!


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