Shattered by God?

As devout followers of Christ, God fills us with the fragrance of His glory, His presence, and His love. We are vessels that He uses to store and then to disperse measures of His fragrance to the other people in the room.

Sometimes He has a whole church, or neighborhood, or stadium, or city with which He wants to share His fragrance that He has stored in our life. Because our normal method and measure of dispersing His fragrance is inadequate for the mass of people around us, He will crush our life to expose ALL of His perfume.

He is not crushing our life in punishment or in judgement, but as a means of providing a free-flow of His fragrance from our life. It is the only way for the FULLNESS of His glory, His presence, and His love to be FULLY dispersed from our life for all to enjoy and to be drawn to Him.

“Lord, teach me how to disperse your fragrance everywhere that I go. And when the time is right, please crush me so ALL of your perfume may be exposed to the masses. Amen!”

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