A Secret & Percolating Anger at God

Can a Christian be perpetually angry at God and expect Him to not confront them about it? What does God feel in His own heart when one of His children tries to harbor a secret anger toward Him in their heart, all the while denying that they have an unresolved offense with Him? Can that person harbor any measure of anger in their heart for very long without it destroying them and their relationships?

“Can a man scoop fire into his lap without his clothes being burned? Can a man walk on hot coals without his feet being scorched?”

~ Proverbs 6:27-28

Anger is the result of unfulfilled expectations. For example, in the Old Testament when God was angry with His people, it was because they did not fulfill the Divine expectations which they were fully capable of doing, even as imperfect humans. God’s anger was not stirred immediately, but it was after some time when the people persisted in not living up to what they were capable of being. [Naturally, God’s anger is always right and appropriate.]

Sometimes people who call themselves Christians will develop a deep and seething, hidden but percolating anger toward God. It is usually due to the person’s own expectations of God not being fulfilled. There may have been a tragedy or a trauma happen to the person, an event that God was capable of preventing but did not. Or, maybe their life did not turn out to be the “fairy tale” they had dreamt of and they blame God for their disappointment and unhappiness with life.

Since anger is the result of unfulfilled expectations, this person who considers their expectations to be paramount and that God should have honored them, develops a deep heart-anger which is fed and grows every time they think about God and what He could have done if He really “cared” about them.

Outwardly, they may try to cover over their anger with Biblical vernacular and Christian cultural activities like church and Christian music. After all, they don’t want people to know they are angry at God because having anger toward God is considered to be a “bad-people” trait.

Just as it is good for us to have a complete health check-up with a doctor on a frequent basis, it is good to have frequent heart, mind, and spirit check-ups with the Holy Spirit. We shouldn’t wait until we are in a crisis mode and on the brink of self-destruction before we present ourselves to God for a Divine review and intervention in our life.

“Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.”

~ Psalm 139:23-24

What is the condition of your innermost being? Is there any indication of a hidden anger toward God? Do you harbor a disappointment with God because He could have done something, but didn’t? Are you inwardly short tempered (and maybe express it outwardly at times) with your family or the coworkers that surround you? Do you find it difficult to keep an internal anger-explosion hidden while you try to smile outwardly? Do you put on a show outwardly in such a way that you hope your inner heart condition will not be revealed?

These are questions I pose for us that may help spark some introspection, but the real benefit comes when we get alone with God and ask Him to help us answer these questions. Let’s be courageous and be willing to hear whatever God may say to us. He knows how to speak to us so we can hear Him and know that it is Him.

If we don’t want to hear from Him… well, never mind. I know that you and I really do want to hear from Him!


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