The Effect of His Embrace

Imagine for a few moments. You have some deep, dark secrets in your recent past, things you have done that you hope no one ever knows about. You regret them, but there is no going back in time and undoing them. Even worse, these things done were to the detriment of your best friend’s reputation. He doesn’t know who did those dark things that hurt him so much…

Until today. You found out today that he found out about those things you have done. You know that he must be hurting and even very angry with you. You can’t bear the thought of seeing him again, you are so ashamed of what you have done.

Then your door bell rings. You open the door and your eyes connect with your friend who is standing on your front porch. You feel your face go flush with embarrassment and your knees go weak with shame. Your gaze and your head lower toward the floor. Your mind is racing but words escape you. Those three seconds seem like an eternity, your emotions are a storm in your inner being that is raging like a hurricane. You wish that you could die, or disappear, or simply cease to exist.

Suddenly the unexpected happens. Your friend steps through the doorway and embraces you. It’s not a cordial, common greeting type of hug. His powerful arms quickly draw you into his embrace with a forcefulness that is not violent, but it communicates deliberate intent. His shoulder presses up under your chin as does your shoulder to his chin.

As he holds you close, he won’t let go. The longer he holds you tightly, the more you break inside — not from being physically crushed, but by the power of his unspoken love in that moment that is permeating your heart. Tears begin to roll from your eyes and from his eyes too. You begin to reciprocate the hug with an equal level of power, you never want this experience of genuine friendship to end.

After some time passes and a lot of non-verbal communication has been exchanged, your hug slowly begins to loosen, then you step back. Your gaze immediately avoids his eyes by looking down at his feet, you are still too ashamed to look him in the eye. That’s when he does something that breaks the constricting hold of the shame that has bound your heart.

He slowly raises his hand, and with his relaxed index finger he places it under your chin raising your head so that your eyes can meet his again. His still hasn’t said a word, but in the short time he has been present he has communicated something liberating to your soul that you will forever remember about your friend.

He finally is the first one to say something. He says, “Come with me to my home. I have prepared for a large gathering of my best friends. I would be honored if you would join me, and walk into the gathering by my side.”

“But you, Lord, are… the One who lifts my head high.”

~ Psalm 3:3

As Christians we are friends of Jesus Christ (John 15:15). As humans we have done awful things that remain deep, dark secrets, many of which remain hidden from our friends. Though we know that we have been forgiven, when we see Jesus face-to-face we are going to have a reaction of shame and embarrassment for what we have done in the past that hurt Him and reflected badly on Him. We will know that He knows, and our gaze will avoid His eyes. But when He shows up at our house, He is going to embrace us with an all-powerful and everlasting love, and He is going to invite us to His home. He has been preparing for a gathering at His home for all of His best friends. He wants us at His side as we walk into His home, a place called Heaven.

Jesus is our deliverer from shame. He is our healer of embarrassment. He is the forgiver of our sin. He is the restorer of our soul. He is the lifter of our heads. He is the one who reinstates our gaze being locked with His gaze. He is our hope!

He is YOUR hope! Today He stands at the door of your heart and knocks. Regardless of how deep and dark your sins have been (or are at this very moment!), if you will open up to Him, He will be the lifter of your head!


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The Lord’s Secret For My Life

Shortly after I graduated from high school I was troubled about something I had observed numerous times in my life so far. I had read about, heard about, and seen some people (over the span of several years) who had served the Lord in ministry for 20 or 30 years, only to walk away from the Lord. There were numerous theories behind why or how they reached a point of walking away from the Lord into a life of sin and having an anti-God bias.

This bothered me so much that one day while I was alone in prayer, I pleaded with the Lord for “The Secret” to guarding my own life from taking that path. The last thing that I wanted was to serve Christ for 20 or 30 years, only to bring reproach to Him in my later years. I was desperate because I knew my own humanity all to well, and it wasn’t pretty. I could offer no guarantees of faithfulness to Him, and no oath could bind me over to perpetual righteous living.

“Lord, what is the secret?”

I had also read about, heard about, and observed (in part) plenty of people who had faithfully and sacrificially served the Lord for many, many years, with a beautiful end of life season with Him. They were faithful to the very end. I was asking the Lord what the secret ingredient would be for me to [at the end of my life] be found faithful by Him. Someday when I die, I want His name to be honored by my life, my heart, and my history.

When the Lord answered me in response to my pleading request, He spoke into my heart with a clarity that exceeded anything I had experienced until then.

He simply said, “If you will pray…”

In His answer, the statement was open-ended just as you see it above. The Secret to my lifelong faithfulness was going to be tied to the practice of intimate, personal prayer with Him as frequently as I could.

It has been my experience since then that the quality of my prayer life today (not just quantity, but quality) is a predictor of the quality of my walk with Christ tomorrow. The temptation to sin is much weaker when the enemy presents it if I am fully engaged in a quality, intimate prayer life with Christ. I freely admit that the times that I have sinned [since the secret was revealed for my life] have been preceded by a lack of quality and quantity in prayer with Christ.

The Book of Luke is a beautiful record of Jesus’ own prayer life with His Father. Sometimes the stories stand out, while at other times a hint is tucked in between sentences for those who look for it.

“But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.”

~ Luke 5:16

Prayer is a privilege of every follower of Christ. It isn’t just for ministry-types or for those who have poetic talent for putting together beautiful sounding prayers. It is for the stutterer, for the less-than-average, for the stumbler, for all of us: the imperfect ones!

My friend, the secret to your life bringing honor to Christ may also be “If you will pray…”. Will you try it? Find a lonely place, turn off the phone and the Internet, put aside everything else that fills your mind, and let your heart begin to be poured out to the Lord. Skip using King James English or Latin, you probably use them incorrectly anyway. Use the language of your own heart, the smile of your own lips, the tears of your own eyes. Jesus wants the “you” that you are, with all of the good, the bad, and the ugly. These gifts given to Him are what truly impresses Him.


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Beyond Cultural Christianity

Being a member of a good local Christian church, or being a frequent attender, it’s a good thing… but it’s not the primary thing.

Liking and participating in a good church because you want your children to go to Sunday School like you did as a child, to have some connection to a faith system that they can run to when they hit hard times in life, these are good things… but it’s not the primary thing.

Joining the church choir because you have an interest and a talent in choral music, or you play a musical instrument and you like the wholesome atmosphere in which to develop and use your art, these are good things… but it’s not the primary thing.

Perhaps you have entered the ministry because you enjoy counseling and teaching, you have a knack for the intellectual atmosphere that some denominations have developed over their many years of study and you enjoy the predictability of the practice of traditions, these are good things… but it’s not the primary thing.

Or, perhaps you entered the ministry in a more Charismatic setting because your personality fits right in to an arena of creative expression in preaching, in music, and in the arts. These are good things… but it’s not the primary thing.

So what is this PRIMARY thing? Jesus spoke of it many times, and we will look at a couple of them.

The setting for this example is in the home of Martha who had a sister named Mary. Martha was very busy being the hostess preparing food and refreshments and serving her guests. Her sister Mary though wasn’t helping her serve, she instead was sitting at the feet of a special guest, Jesus, listening to His every word as He spoke to everyone.

Martha was so upset at Mary’s neglect of helping that she even asked her special guest to scold Mary for not being busy. Jesus however said something in return that likely made Martha upset, but likely made Mary feel encouraged:

“And Jesus answered and said to her, ‘Martha, Martha, you are worried and troubled about many things. But one thing is needed, and Mary has chosen that good part, which will not be taken away from her.’”

~ Luke 10:38-42

There are a lot of needful people and situations that we can spend every waking moment to serve and solve, and all of that service is good.

Mary, however, had recognized and chosen the PRIMARY thing: Being close to Jesus and taking to heart His every word.

  • Martha was serving Jesus, but Mary was encountering Jesus.
  • Martha was doing good things, but Mary was foremost doing the PRIMARY thing.
  • Martha was being hospitable to Jesus in her home, Mary was being hospitable to Jesus in her heart.
  • Martha was concerned about what her guests might think of her less-than-perfect hospitality, Mary was concerned with what Jesus wanted to do in her own life.
  • Martha recognized the special influence Jesus had in their social gathering, Mary recognized the special influence Jesus was having in her own heart and soul.
  • Martha was good at seeing people’s needs and recruiting others to jump-in, Mary was good at seeing the PRIMARY need and personally drawing near to Jesus for fulfillment.

The setting for this next example is based in the future. Jesus prophesied that on the Final Day when each person has their “day in court” before Him in Heaven to give an account for their soul, there will be those who will have been like Martha, but sadly never like Mary. They will have spent their life-strength in pursuit of really good works for their own salvation instead of spending all their strength in pursuit of knowing Jesus personally.

“Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name and in Your name drive out demons and in Your name perform many miracles?’ Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from Me, you evildoers!’”

~ Matthew 7:22-23

Really good works are never enough to erase our sin. When we do really good works with the motive of someday saying to Jesus, “Look at how much good I’ve done. I’ve cleaned myself up and reversed my life’s course to do good instead of bad,” our good works become evil because our motive was to exclude Jesus from our inmost being.

When Jesus will say, “I never knew you,” He will not be speaking of knowing about them informationally; He will be speaking of knowing them relationally.

So, today as you consider your own life, are you a Martha or a Mary? (Men, don’t fall into the trap of pushing this example aside based on Jesus’ use of the female gender to illustrate His point. His point is for both genders equally!)

Are you a pastor, minister, or priest that has given your life sacrificially to do magnificently good things in serving the needs of others, even in the name of Christ? I beseech you to make sure that you not only know the right doctrines about Christ, but that Christ knows you on the personal level, that your salvation is based upon Him knowing you relationally and that your great good works are simply the discharge of your ministry duties done in love for God and humanity.

Let’s be sure we have the PRIMARY thing activated and is being cultivated before we engage in seasons of practical and sacrificial service.


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What I Miss About Full Time Ministry

A little over a quarter of a century ago my wife and I entered into full time ministry. I served several years as an Associate Pastor with a variety of portfolios in both small and large churches, and as an itinerant Revivalist for several years speaking in churches, retreats, conferences, and the like. I have also served as the Lead Pastor of a local church for almost a decade.

My call to ministry came when I was a Junior in high school, a call that was a simple statement from the Lord saying, “Follow Me everywhere I will take you.” With His call came a drive within me to follow Him and to do what He led me to do and to be. That drive is just as strong today as it ever has been.

So, in 2006 when my health had reached such a debilitating and chronic stage that I couldn’t maintain a schedule of any kind, we resigned from the pastorate. The church family was incredibly, affectionately, and sacrificially patient with me, but I knew that they needed a Pastor who was present and actively engaged every day.

Stepping away from full time ministry was the most challenging thing that I have ever experienced. The divine drive within me was still just as strong as ever, but my health (at age 41) was beyond my control, and beyond the control of doctors.

For the first time in my life I understood what almost every minister experiences when they have reached the point to retire. The drive in the heart does not retire, and that is difficult to bear.

What I miss most is Pastoring a local church over a long period of time. In that setting I found the honor and privilege of working with and observing people as they are transformed by God one day, one week, one month, one year at a time; to be near when their children are born; to be there when they have surgery; and yes, to be there at their loved one’s funeral.

People are what I miss the most. It was the wonderful drive that Christ planted in me and then nurtured and cultivated over time that kept me going through the good times and the tragic times.

Now, I am in bed about 18 hours per day. The pain and fatigue of my body make socializing a challenge most days. I too am experiencing what it is like to be housebound most of the time like so many seniors that I used to visit in their homes, hospital rooms, and care facilities. I think I always had empathy for them, but now I can say I know from experience what it is like.

These are things I really miss about full time ministry among people. But, don’t feel sorry for me! I am blessed beyond my comprehension by our Lord. His grace and provision have not taken my pain away, and it hasn’t taken my ministry-drive away. What His grace has provided is a deep awareness of His presence. He has more of my intimate attention than He ever has had, since I spend my days mostly with Him and Him alone.

Presently I am 50 years old, I have been ill for 15 years and mostly in bed for a decade. I do not wish anyone to have my same health, but I pray that EVERYONE can experience the Lord to at least the level that I am privileged to experience Him every day. I am blessed more than most!!

See you at the altar of prayer, my friends!


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Who Will You Listen To For Advice?

The World Population Clock ( ) currently estimates the globe’s total population at 7.3 Billion souls. That’s a mind boggling 7,300,000,000.

So, I would like to ask you a question. Out of 7.3 Billion people, who are you willing to listen to when they advise that you are wrong about something very important in life?

“The way of fools seems right to them, but the wise listen to advice.”

~ Proverbs 12:15

All of us are imperfect. We need the shared wisdom and insight from one another. To “listen to advice” does not mean that it is done blindly, but it does mean to hear what someone has to say and to give honest and careful consideration to it because they just might be right!

When a person literally has no one in the world that they can be corrected by, they just might be foolish. They are convinced that their way is the best way, they explain away all other voices, they make excuses that pardon themselves, and that all others’ ways are foolish. Again, it’s not about blindly accepting everybody’s advice, but it is about having a small circle of trusted friends that can speak into a person’s life and genuinely be heard and considered.

So, to reiterate, out of 7.3 Billion people on the planet, how many do you trust to give you good and important advice without your meeting them with resistance and suspicion? The fool has none (or they are only “Yes” men), while the wise have some.


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Can A Christian Be De-Redeemed?

Throughout many centuries of New Testament church history there has been one question that has sparked many fires of contentious debate: Can a Christian lose their salvation?

The You-Can-Lose-Your-Salvation theorists suggest that there is an extreme point that a Christian can reach where they effectually walk away from the Lord in their heart, abandoning their position in salvation. This is not easily accomplished, but is a danger for those who continually sin and show disregard for the warnings and disciplines of God.

The Once-Saved-Always-Saved theorists suggest that a person who calls them self a Christian yet continually sins and shows disregard for the warnings and disciplines of God never was truly saved in the first place.

Both camps have individuals within them that have broad variations to these respective doctrines and theologies. Sadly, each camp tends to misrepresent and exaggerate the other camp’s theological basis in an attempt to make their own doctrine seem more reasonable.

“Naturally, if everyone would just accept my doctrinal stance, then this age-old church squabble could come to a peaceful end and we could all love each other in a more Christ-like manner…” or so every theologian thinks about their own stance.

While it can be good [at times] to debate the finer points of doctrine and theology, it is by far ALWAYS the best avenue to encourage one another in the loving pursuit of God.

So in this context, instead of looking at where exactly the lines may or may not be (and what they may or may not look like) between the “un-redeemed,” the redeemed, and the “de-redeemed,” let’s briefly look at the other end of the spectrum and focus on where the human heart connects with God’s heart.

No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other…”

~ Matthew 6:24

Jesus went on to apply this broad principle to a specific subject of choosing between God and Money, but the principle applies to anything that we seek that takes us in the opposite direction of God. Our attempts at playing with sin while remaining under grace is a very dangerous game, a game that reveals what our heart truly loves… and it’s not God. Jesus insisted that the object of our desire is singular, and singular only. There is no 50-50% or 80-20%.

Some might ask, “But aren’t we all tempted?” Yes, most certainly each of us are tempted, but temptation is not the sin. The sin is that which we do within our heart and mind (and maybe even then physically participate) to fulfill the temptation. Do we return to that invisible line between the redeemed and un-redeemed so that we can “feel” some of the worldly pleasure without diving headlong into the sin?

This kind of game reveals a tragic condition of the heart’s love. A complete love is completely dedicated to the One Master, Jesus Christ. The question about our sin is this: is our sin the result of our weakness, or the result of our purposeful engagement? If our sin is a result of our weakness [that is still in the process of being built into strength], there is the grace of God that covers our sin:

“If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.”

~ 1 John 1:9

As we mature in (1) our character, in (2) our knowledge and implementation of God’s word, and in (3) our partnership with the Holy Spirit, there is a point where we can really be free from playing that game with sin and where our love for our One Master, Christ Jesus is evidenced in the consistency of our daily lives. The Apostle Paul referenced this aspect of spiritual maturity when he wrote to the church in Corinth:

“… we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ. And we will be ready to punish every act of disobedience, once your obedience is complete.”

~ 2 Corinthians 10:5-6

“Once your obedience is complete” is a reference to their in-progress maturation and growth from living in the weakness of their humanity into living by the power of their Holy Spirit-infused life.

Our salvation through Christ is both instantaneous and progressive. It is instantaneous in that we are immediately positioned with Christ, we are His. He claims us as His own, and we claim Him as our One Master or Lord. It is progressive in that we undergo a process of transformation, a journey with Christ through life where we are undergoing a conformation to His character.

Today as we go about our day, let our love for God be expressed continuously by steering our thoughts toward Him and His ways of doing things, running from every temptation as soon as it presents itself to us in our mind. “Take captive every thought and make it obedient to Christ.” This is the kind of life that truly expresses and safeguards it’s love for God, and will avoid the tragic and painful experiences of playing around the line in question: “Can a Christian be De-Redeemed?”



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Voting For The Lesser Of Two Evils?

Sometimes when the time comes to vote we are faced with a situation where ALL the candidates do not conform to our personal beliefs, principles, and ethics.

This may beg the question: If I vote for the “lesser of two evils,” am I nonetheless approving of an evil person?

Jesus said,

“I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.”

~ Matthew‬ ‭10:16‬

He knew that we would be living in a broken world where there would be not just imperfect people (like us!), but outright scandalous scoundrels. It is into this world that He sends us to be salt (a preservative to delay the spoiling of the world) and light (an illuminator of the darkness), (see Matthew 5:13-16).

He sends us with the encouragement to exercise shrewd wisdom in our dealings while maintaining a genuine innocence, innocent of evil.

Sometimes our vote may not be FOR a candidate as much as it is AGAINST another. If and when we are faced with a Lesser-of-Two-Evils scenario, it is appropriate to be shrewd in anticipating the possible outcomes, and where our vote would accomplish the most “preservative” effect or in other words, will help DELAY society’s degradation or spoiling.

As with every important decision in life, patient and focused prayer is absolutely critical. Let’s pray for God’s guidance of our voting decision, whether He chooses to speak to our heart clearly or to work through our subconscious.

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A Secret & Percolating Anger at God

Can a Christian be perpetually angry at God and expect Him to not confront them about it? What does God feel in His own heart when one of His children tries to harbor a secret anger toward Him in their heart, all the while denying that they have an unresolved offense with Him? Can that person harbor any measure of anger in their heart for very long without it destroying them and their relationships?

“Can a man scoop fire into his lap without his clothes being burned? Can a man walk on hot coals without his feet being scorched?”

~ Proverbs 6:27-28

Anger is the result of unfulfilled expectations. For example, in the Old Testament when God was angry with His people, it was because they did not fulfill the Divine expectations which they were fully capable of doing, even as imperfect humans. God’s anger was not stirred immediately, but it was after some time when the people persisted in not living up to what they were capable of being. [Naturally, God’s anger is always right and appropriate.]

Sometimes people who call themselves Christians will develop a deep and seething, hidden but percolating anger toward God. It is usually due to the person’s own expectations of God not being fulfilled. There may have been a tragedy or a trauma happen to the person, an event that God was capable of preventing but did not. Or, maybe their life did not turn out to be the “fairy tale” they had dreamt of and they blame God for their disappointment and unhappiness with life.

Since anger is the result of unfulfilled expectations, this person who considers their expectations to be paramount and that God should have honored them, develops a deep heart-anger which is fed and grows every time they think about God and what He could have done if He really “cared” about them.

Outwardly, they may try to cover over their anger with Biblical vernacular and Christian cultural activities like church and Christian music. After all, they don’t want people to know they are angry at God because having anger toward God is considered to be a “bad-people” trait.

Just as it is good for us to have a complete health check-up with a doctor on a frequent basis, it is good to have frequent heart, mind, and spirit check-ups with the Holy Spirit. We shouldn’t wait until we are in a crisis mode and on the brink of self-destruction before we present ourselves to God for a Divine review and intervention in our life.

“Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.”

~ Psalm 139:23-24

What is the condition of your innermost being? Is there any indication of a hidden anger toward God? Do you harbor a disappointment with God because He could have done something, but didn’t? Are you inwardly short tempered (and maybe express it outwardly at times) with your family or the coworkers that surround you? Do you find it difficult to keep an internal anger-explosion hidden while you try to smile outwardly? Do you put on a show outwardly in such a way that you hope your inner heart condition will not be revealed?

These are questions I pose for us that may help spark some introspection, but the real benefit comes when we get alone with God and ask Him to help us answer these questions. Let’s be courageous and be willing to hear whatever God may say to us. He knows how to speak to us so we can hear Him and know that it is Him.

If we don’t want to hear from Him… well, never mind. I know that you and I really do want to hear from Him!


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A Tsunami of Legal Indictments

I remember when I was a kid my Mom would ask me to keep my room clean. If I neglected it at some point she would ask me to clean it on that day. If I got too busy playing (you know, important young boy stuff, like playing soccer) and I neglected to clean my room in a timely manner, she would issue a warning. “If you don’t clean your room, I am going to clean it for you!”

Oh wow, that was the ultimate threat! I knew she meant it, she had carried through on her warning in times past. It involved her throwing away so many wonderful things of “great value” that a young boy would collect, things like pieces of string and rope, and broken radios that I just knew I could fix someday. All of those treasure-like things were thrown away. My room was cleaned for me, but the cost to me was enormous. I learned to never push my Mom to the point of her following through on her room cleaning warning.

Fast forwarding now to today (February 9, 2016), God has been asking us to keep our nation’s government clean and orderly, or else He will clean it for us. We have played, we have delayed, and we have finally pushed Him to follow through on His warning to clean our government for us.

There is a Tsunami of legal investigations, indictments, guilty verdicts, and sentencing of politicians (and their aides) coming to Washington D.C. and to many state and local governments.

For much too long we as a nation (“We the people…”) have allowed government officials — especially elected politicians — to ignore “the laws of nature’s God” and the laws of the land. If they are a member of our personal political party, their indiscretions are overlooked in the name of party unity. When a member of another political party ignores the laws, our outcry is not for the sake of righteousness but for political expediency.

To mention ethics is to prompt a response of scorn and laughter, and a charge of being a hypocrite. The majority of our politicians and their inner circle of advisors, assistants, and enablers have lost their moral and ethical compass bearings. Not all of them have, thankfully, but a majority of them contribute to the atmosphere of lawlessness and self-serving unrighteousness by participating in it, or by neglecting to take a public stand for righteousness.

Most everything that happens (or does not happen) among our elected leaders is now evaluated by a political yardstick, by that day’s definition of political correctness, and by the so called 11th Commandment which is to never [under any circumstances] speak against a member of one’s own political party.

I believe that God has begun to “clean our room” for us, and we are not going to like it. The blame however rests solely upon our own shoulders. His cleaning of our nation’s government is going to result in the filling of many trash dumpsters, junk that has accumulated and contributed to the stench of our political tree house.

“’See, I am against you, you arrogant one,’ declares the Lord, the Lord Almighty, ‘for your day has come, the time for you to be punished. The arrogant one will stumble and fall and no one will help her up; I will kindle a fire in her towns that will consume all who are around her.’”

~ Jeremiah 50:31-32

When the indictments come and the sentences are announced, let us respond with sobriety. It is not about political parties and which party has the most or the fewest charges, or how many years of sentencing each political party’s members received. It is about God and righteousness, and if “We the people” had been doing our part things would not have reached this point where God has to clean our nation for us.


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