Relationship Love Signals

The encoding, broadcast, transmission, reception, and decoding of the love signals from one person to another is fraught with interference problems at every stage of our communication of love due to our imperfect humanity, our cultural norms, and our environment. It is a wonder that we can ever receive (and thus enjoy) in our hearts the love that another person broadcasts to us.

God Himself, perfect in every way, has His own broadcasted signals sometimes intercepted and corrupted by an enemy or an environment so that we don’t receive as clear of a picture as He originally sent. The psalmist even asked for clarification and a confirmation of the love signals he had received so far:

“Show us Your unfailing love, Lord, and grants us Your salvation.”

~ Psalm 85:7

In the marriage relationship there can be two people who love each other dearly and would even die for the other’s security, yet they can doubt the amount of love they have for each other. Each can think that they are broadcasting the message of their love, but the other isn’t receiving the clear picture.

Personality disorders, differing cultural traditions, differing language definitions, all can really distort the love signals, both coming and going.

This calls for faith and patience on our part. Faith that our spouse loves us, and patience in the broadcasting and receiving of love signals. An unaffectionate spouse has not necessarily “fallen” out of love, a distracted and non-verbal spouse too. Let’s be patient with each other and understand that the absent or distorted broadcast, transmission, and reception of the love signals does not automatically mean the absence of love. Let’s trust in our spouse’s love they have for us until we receive a clear and confirmed message that specifically states otherwise. (Even then, let’s have a love for them that is Christ-like: unconditional!).

This also is why it is important for us to believe that God loves us completely, regardless of our circumstances or feelings. We won’t always receive a clear signal of His love (though His broadcasted love signals are perfect), there are factors in our spiritual and natural environments and within our own humanity that distort and even cancel out the signals and communication of His love. Trust in God’s love, He always DOES love us.


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