Fashionable Christian Spirituality

The church seems to be led by the Holy Spirit through decade-long (decadal) seasons of topical emphasis. For example:

🔸The 1980’s seems to have been “Purification of Church Leadership” (multiple high profile ministers had their sin exposed);

🔸The 1990’s seems to have been “Calling the Church to Prayer” (multiple prayer movements and hot spots of revival that emphasized both group and individual prayer as a ministry of each church);

🔸The 2000’s seems to have been “Let The Worship Arise” (multiple churches had their fresh worship music permeate the global church);

🔸The 2010’s have multiple streams of emphasis that are gaining momentum.

It is exciting when the Holy Spirit moves the church in refreshing emphases and these subjects should always be recognized and emphasized. Each subject may have a season of emphasis, but just because a transition is made to a new emphasis does not mean that we can now neglect the previous ones. Each emphasis should be incorporated into our corporate and personal lifestyle.

There is a danger that we as Americans need to be aware of, and it is this: We are so fashion minded in everything that we wear, drive, listen to, watch, eat, etc. that we can easily treat the movements of the Holy Spirit like a fashion that appears and then we can throw it out or remodel for the next approaching fashion season.

The seasons of the Holy Spirit’s emphasis are not fashion statements. We should never hear someone mention “purity” or “prayer” or “worship” and respond with a “that is so out dated” and “we have moved on.” Neither should we get stuck in one season for the rest of our lives because “that season was real revival!”

Should we emphasize what the Spirit is saying or doing? Absolutely! Each season should be allowed to have its fullest impact upon our lives, and we should fully integrate them into our core being. What we should not do is run around looking for the “latest thing” just for the purpose of excitement, or for the adulation from some of the “slower folks” who aren’t “fashion-conscious” of spiritual things.

“Others, like seed sown on good soil, hear the word, accept it, and produce a crop, some thirty, some sixty, some a hundred times what was sown.”

~ Mark 4:20


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