Fabrications, Figures, And Furs

Let’s face it, in today’s society almost anybody can have their face refabricated with plastic surgery and enough makeup; their figure can be reformed to fit selected measurements; they can be clothed in the latest fashions; and they can be adorned with the softest of [fake, not real] furs. The only limit to recreating the outward beauty is the imagination.

Every gentlemen wants to marry a beautiful lady, but it should be first and foremost a beauty that radiates from a God-loving heart. Don’t get me wrong, beauty in youth is wonderful, and God’s original design for ladies was a natural, beautiful body.

Beauty though, as the saying goes, is only skin deep. Relationships are not (and should not be) just a physique-based attraction between the body-handsome and the body-beautiful. Instead they are to be a heart-based attraction with a soul-to-soul connection.

David married King Saul’s youngest daughter, Michal as a prize for killing Goliath. As a princess, she no doubt had access to every “modern” beauty aide of that day, and she likely made good use of them. From attendants gifted in designing fashion, applying makeup, and creating [real, not fake] furs, she received the best of the best. From a purely physical point of view, David was a very blessed man to marry such a beautiful princess of prominence and prestige.

But, the joy her fabricated beauty brought to him could not counter balance the sadness and pain that came into his God-loving heart from her self-centered, ugly heart.

“As the ark of the Lord was entering the City… Michal (David’s wife)… watched from a window. And when she saw King David leaping and dancing before the Lord, she despised him in her heart.”

~ 2 Samuel 6:16

The beauty of a wife that is enjoyed by a husband for a lifetime is a beauty that continuously radiates from a God-loving heart. If you are considering a marriage proposal, pray and ask God to show you the beauty of your potential future mate’s heart. Measure their beauty using God’s standards, and not by mankind’s standards. He will guide your path to the right lady, one of His own princesses.

One thing I have noticed in scripture, godly men who were led by God in the selection of their wife almost always had a wife that is described as having both kinds of beauty, physique-beauty and heart-beauty. There is absolutely nothing wrong with “worldclass” physique-beauty, as long as the heart-beauty is absolutely “heavenclass!”


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