Like Heavenly Father, Like Earthly Father

Parenting a child isn’t a single event of creation between two married people, nor an outcome of an illicit one night stand. It’s a lifelong mission of love which provides consistent training and discipline in their youth, and coaching and consulting in their adulthood.

The majority of parents who are brought great joy by their children are adults who have been parenting their children since their day of birth. Certainly there are exceptions to this general rule, and in today’s society those exceptions are far too many. However, the general rule still stands for the majority of parents who are raising and relating to their children well.

“The father of a righteous child has great joy; a man who fathers a wise son rejoices in him.”

‭‭~ Proverbs‬ ‭23:24‬

In this Proverb, the “father” and “son” terminology was not used to exclude mothers and daughters, it was simply a style of writing that King Solomon used that makes a direct point from which the reader then draws the big picture of the truth. This verse is about both parents and both genders of children.

Good parenting begins even before conception; it starts in being a good couple who builds their own marriage relationship. Every parenting couple that wants to have their children bring them “great joy” so they can “rejoice” in them throughout their childhood, youth, and adulthood will ‘stack the odds’ (my term, not scripture’s term) in their favor if they will be completely, lovingly, and thoughtfully engaged in providing consistent training, discipline, coaching, and consulting.

Our Heavenly Father provides Divine parenting for us too. In our early years in the faith He consistently trains us and disciplines us, then as we mature in wisdom and holiness He transitions to coaching and consulting us, all without distancing Himself from us in loving relationship.

Today, the term “Family Planning” refers to a couple (married or unmarried) having sex while taking steps to keep conception of a baby from taking place during their encounter. “Planned Parenthood” is an organization that specializes in the abortion of a baby that somehow bypassed the the couple’s attempts at “Family Planning.”

God’s idea of REAL “Family Planning” is when a married couple has a God-designed “Planned Parenthood” that conceives, births, and raises a child with the kind of love, devotion, and involvement that our Heavenly Father has for us throughout our lifetime.


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