Just Missed The Cut

When you realized that Jesus hadn’t recruited you for His A-Team, like His team of Apostles or another special team, or a particular local pastorate or ministry, how did you feel?

Think back to being a kid on the playground at the beginning of recess. When it was time for the popular kids to choose teams, were you usually one of the last ones picked because you weren’t the cool, athletic type? Were you kind of dorky, and prone to losing the game for your team?

Well, this is nothing like that! Jesus doesn’t pick people for A-Teams because they are “cool,” and He doesn’t pass by others because they are “losers.” Consider whom He did choose: several wild fisherman, an extremely impulsive and flaky guy named Peter, some other previously unknowns, including a guy named Judas Iscariot that now holds a distinct place in history that nobody else wants to have!

“When morning came, He called His disciples to Him and chose twelve of them, whom He also designated apostles including:… Judas Iscariot, who became a traitor.”

~ Luke‬ ‭6:13‬

Scholars guesstimate that Jesus had between 120 and 1,000 disciples (followers) at the time when He chose just 12 of them to be Apostles. I’ll venture to guess quite a few of the rest of them had flashbacks to their own playground experiences!

Let us remember that God doesn’t pick us for a formal call to ministry because He loves us more, and He doesn’t pass other believers by for a formal call to ministry because He loves them less.

He was greatly pleased to create us so He could enjoy being a Father to us. He was greatly pleased to providentially assign to us a substantial purpose to fulfill in His Kingdom. He was greatly pleased to formulate a unique mixture of natural-talents and Spirit-giftings that would help us to accomplish our life’s Divinely assigned mission.

Let’s leave our playground disappointments in the past. We are now in the “big leagues” of the life-and-death “games” where God is unbiased and is purpose-driven in His selection for special teams. If He can choose Peter in spite of his huge flaws, and if He can choose Judas (Iscariot) in spite of already knowing his future as a traitor, God can certainly pick us at the right time, in the right place, for the right special team or church pastorate, to accomplish the right mission.

Besides, there is perhaps nothing more frustrating and unfulfilling than being and doing something that is outside of God’s original, pre-birth purpose and design for our life. Let’s be patient, and let’s trust our Father to orchestrate every step of our life.


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