The Last Day Before Eternity

As of this writing the World Population Clock estimates the world’s population to be about 7.3 billion people. Researchers and mathematicians estimate the number of people who have ever lived and died to be about 100 billion. The first number is an educated theory, while the second number is an educated guess.

Regardless of the exact figures, it is mind boggling when we consider these numbers, even the smaller of the two which is only 7.3 billion. In longhand that is 7,300,000,000. One billion is one-thousand millions. One billion dollars is the combined wealth of one-thousand millionaires!

The Bible speaks of a day that is soon coming, a very busy day in Heaven. Each and every person who has ever lived (perhaps a total of 107,300,000,000 as of today) will face the Judge of the universe. Each and every one of us will have our day in court.

“The time has come for judging the dead, and for rewarding Your servants… Your people who revere Your name, both great and small, and for destroying those who destroy the earth.”

~ Revelation 11:18

One man’s Judgment Day is another man’s Inauguration Day. The wicked unbelievers will be sentenced to an eternity in a quaint little party place called “Hell” (at least that’s the description of hell that a lot of people say while they are partying hard in life). The forgiven believers will be inaugurated into eternity with Christ in Heaven.

Which kind of Day will you have on that last day before eternity? One must choose today because tomorrow may be the last day before eternity, and on that day it will be too late to change your destination. Our default destination is not Heaven; that destination must be consciously chosen and the proper changes recorded in those books that will be checked on that last day before eternity.


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