Holy Shamgar!

The Old Testament serves many purposes in developing our understanding of Christ and His Kingdom. One of those ways is through the true stories that serve as real-life illustrations of spiritual truths.

The brief mention of Shamgar is one of those real-life illustrations:

“Shamgar… who killed six hundred men of the Philistines with an ox goad; and he also delivered Israel.”

~ Judges 3:31

An “ox goad” is a simple cattle prod, used by herdsmen to lead or prompt the livestock. It was a common, everyday tool for a herdsman.

Shamgar was also (obviously) anointed by God with strength and zeal with which he fought valiantly for the protection of his homeland.

The odds were 600 against 2. The 600 were Philistine fighting men. The 2 were Shamgar and God. The 600 Philistines were outnumbered by the 2 from Israel.

Today, God is looking for some New Testament Shamgars who are willing to have God anoint them and their everyday tools or skills, give them a mission, and who then will not back-down when the human odds-makers say it’s impossible to win.

God’s math remains the same today as it was back in Shamgar’s day. You and God outnumber the rest of the enemy. Prepare your heart for battle, prepare for victory.


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