Delivered & Beautiful Again!

There is a proverbial saying that people use sometimes: “Their demons are killing them.” They might be referring to a person who is tragically fighting a losing battle with alcoholism, drug abuse, sex addiction, self-harm, or the like.

Two-thousand years ago the ministry of Jesus included delivering and healing people from both literal and proverbial demons, and restoring the beauty of their heart, soul, and body.

“When evening came, many who were demonized were brought to Him, and He drove out the spirits with a word and healed all the sick. This was to fulfill what was spoken through the prophet Isaiah: ‘He took up our infirmities and bore our diseases.’”

‭‭~ Matthew‬ ‭8:16-17‬

Today, Jesus is still delivering from both literal demons and proverbial demons! Regardless of the number of demons a person might be battling in their heart and soul, Christ still has the power and authority (and compassion!) necessary to deliver them!

Are you battling demons in your life? Do your demons manifest as addictions or as self-harming activities? Or do they literally take control of your body and fill you with a death-fear that is paralyzing and beyond words to express? Have these demons stolen your beauty, leaving you with an ugly and dark countenance? Has your body and soul been marred and scarred by their hellish abuse?

Jesus is ready today to deliver, heal, and re-beautify you (regardless of how many or how powerful those demons might be) just as He did for many others 2,000 years ago (and has been doing since then).

“… some women who had been cured of evil spirits and diseases: Mary (called Magdalene) from whom seven demons had come out; Joanna the wife of Chuza, the manager of Herod’s household; Susanna; and many others. These women were helping to support them (Jesus and the disciples) out of their own means.”

‭‭~ Luke‬ ‭8:2-3‬

Jesus welcomes anyone who asks for His deliverance, healing, and re-beautification! Approach Christ today in prayer and ask Him for His help. Ask Him to make you beautiful again (or if you are a man, you can ask Him to make you handsome again)!


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