Our Urkle Moments

Steve Urkle was a television character that just couldn’t do anything without causing a disaster for himself and the others around him.

Sometimes as Christians we too have Urkle moments that bring disaster down upon our own heads and upon those around us. It might have been something innocent, or something done in folly, or maybe even outright sin.

The Psalmist wrote about his own folly and how he was afraid that the resulting disaster would cause some big, big problems for other people. He then cried out to God for help, for himself and especially for the others:

“Save me, O God, for the waters have come up to my neck. I sink in the miry depths… I have come into the deep waters; the floods engulf me.

You, God, know my folly; my guilt is not hidden from You… may those who hope in You not be disgraced because of me… may those who seek You not be put to shame because of me.”

~ Psalm 69:1-2,5-6

When we have our own Urkle moments, God is gracious to us when we call upon Him for His personally provided and directed help for us and our friends.



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