David Inquired of the Lord

To My Fellow Church Leaders,

At times, I wonder how often we miss the opportunity to follow David’s example when disaster strikes our own camp, leaving God “holding the bag” because we are too exhausted, grief stricken, and facing too great an opposition to do what God has been teaching us to do as leaders.

In 1 Samuel 30, David and his men’s families were kidnapped, their belongings stolen, and their homes burned to the ground. After weeping until they were exhausted, David’s fellow warriors blamed him and they talked about stoning him.

But… David, though himself completely exhausted from grieving, then did something as a leader that transformed the enemy’s disaster into a Miracle from God!

He “found strength in the Lord” and he “inquired of the Lord”!

Instead of assuming that the tragedy must have happened as a result of God’s providential will and leaving it there, he refused to assume anything except one thing: Inquire of God!

It isn’t over until God says that it’s over. Pastors and Leaders, regardless of our level of exhaustion and the anger of the mob that might be threatening the very life of our ministry, we are not done until we have inquired of the Lord AND have heard back from Him.

Strengthen yourself in the Lord, just as David did. Inquire of the Lord, just as David did. Hear from God, just as David did. See the miracle of God take place as you follow through on His answer, just as David did.

See you at the altar of inquiry, my friends.



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