Empowered for the Impossible!

The young woman Mary, the mother of Jesus, had a very unique mission. It was a mission that was assigned only once in the entire timespan of the universe: the virgin birth of Jesus Christ.

While that mission will never be duplicated, God is still finding, favoring, and empowering women of all ages around the world for other very important assignments for His kingdom.

There are many women today who are walking the same path of humility and graciousness that Mary was walking on the day when she “found favor with God.”

Ladies, God is recruiting today’s Mary’s. He has missions that need to be accomplished, missions that are impossible to complete. But if you will hear His proposal, and will respond like a Mary, He will empower you for your life’s mission; you will be “Empowered for the Impossible!”

I pray that God’s recruiting angel will stand before you very soon. We need more Mary’s in the church!