Run to the Battle!

Little “just a shepherd boy” David (as he was thought of by his brothers) was raised up by God to be a warrior that would save and lead his nation (see 1 Samuel 17).

Perhaps you are “just a Jr High kid”, or
“just a house wife”, or
“just a tattooed ex-con”, or
“just a too-shy-for-any-use person”, or
“just an unspiritual business executive”, or
“just a useless disabled patient”, or
“just a burned-out small church pastor”, or
“just a sinner barely saved by grace”?

Now that we know what the brothers and sisters might be thinking, or what you might be feeling about yourself, let’s rise up and begin our training in prayer. Let’s face our “lion & bear” scenarios that God has prepared for us (like He did for David) to fight and conquer as part of our training.

There are giants in the land and each of us are assigned and anointed to fight and conquer at least one. Let’s begin training to be the ones who “Run to the Battle!

See you in the “Battleground of Prayer.”