The Priceless Hunger

“Appetite is an incentive to work;
hunger makes you work all the harder.”

Proverbs 16:26 (The Message)

I noticed a small, non-profit ad the other day for a food bank, it simply stated: “When you are hungry, nothing else really matters.”

That phrase rushed into my heart and soul like a river of refreshing water.  From there the gentleness of the Holy Spirit began to minister to me in ways that were then beyond the realm of words and sentences.  There was a deep, resounding earthquake within my heart that was like a love song that beckoned me to draw near to Him.

I soon noticed that my hunger for God’s Presence had suffered in recent months.  No, I had not walked away, per se, nor had I become lost.  I was still joyful, still filled with the Peace that Jesus Christ offers His friends, and very much devoted to Him.  But, I had allowed my hunger for Him to go unfed, and hunger unfed for long enough can dull the drive of the hunger pains.

As the above passage from Proverbs intimates, our hunger is a priceless gift that fuels our drive to fulfill our hunger.  The right hunger is a good thing!  Hunger for God is Priceless!

If your hunger for God has lost its drive in your soul, all is not lost.  Hunger can be restored, and the best way to re-ignite our hunger is to eat an appetizer.  Great chefs prepare multi-course meals with a very special first plate.  An appetizer!  It is not designed to satisfy hunger, it is designed to trigger it.  It is designed to ignite all of the physical and chemical processes within the body that prepare it not only for the consumption of food, but to enjoy and relish the experience of consuming it.

The Word of God, the Scriptures, the Bread of life, the reading and consuming of His Word while within His Presence, this is our appetizer!  And, just as every great meal experience is enhanced triple-fold by the company and the conversation that surrounds the meal, so also is the consuming of God’s Word multiplied in its richness as we converse with Him.

We have the potential to hunger for many things, but there is only one kind of hunger that leads to a priceless finale.  Nurture the hunger for God, and starve out the hunger for the things of this world.

Man, I’m hungry.  Want to go catch a bite to eat?  See you at the altar, with His Word in hand, and fully engulfed in His Presence.


2 thoughts on “The Priceless Hunger

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  2. Hi David. One of my favorite verses of Scripture goes along with your writing: “‘Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled'” (Matthew 5:6, KJV). Sometimes I let other things “spoil my appetite.” For example, TV, sports, and other forms of entertainment can act as “dessert” which make me not quite as hungry. That’s when I need to turn off the distractions in order to allow my hunger to increase. Thanks for sharing, and God bless you.


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