Your Disability & The Greatest Work of God.

The greatest work that God desires and has planned in regard to your life is not to work through you, but within you.

For sure, God does desire and has planned to work through you in some specific capacity for His Kingdom and His Glory. But, that is secondary to His greatest desire and plan in regard to your life.

His primary desire and plan is to work within you while He dwells within you.

You might say He is like an investor Who buys run-down houses that previous owners have abused and neglected, now taking ownership in order to rebuild, remodel, and repurpose each of them.

And while He is working on each house, He chooses to live in each house. He dwells with the dust, the noise, and the dirt that is kicked up during the various phases of reconstruction. The carpenter ants and other critters that have long lived in the structures and have had their damaging impact need to be exterminated, and among them He lives until the job is done.

We are amazed and we thank God for the incredible work that He has done through a man by the name of Billy Graham. And yet, we may find ourselves question how much God might love us “small-timers” in comparison to how much He might love Billy Graham, a “big-timer.”

My friend, what God may work through us will vary from person to person. The scriptures reveal to us that each of us will be worked through by God in various degrees. Each of us being given a different measure of talents or resources with which we may serve God in our lifetime (Matthew 25). In this ministry, we are evaluated not by the largeness of what we allow God to work through us (eg. Billy Graham’s worldwide and multi-decadal evangelistic ministry), but instead by our faithfulness in working with Him as He works through us.

There is however a work that God desires and plans to accomplish within us that is unlimited in scope and depth. God desires to dwell within us while He transforms us from what we were into someone whose inner beauty is… well, is shockingly beautiful and spectacular in the eyes of the heavenly hosts.

You may never experience God working through you in a huge public way such as a preacher, a top chart singer, a best selling author, or a doctor that cures the masses with a final solution to cancer.

However, you and I will be evaluated and blessed by our faithfulness in collaborating with God as He works within us, transforming us, teaching us, inspiring us, and drawing us into a beautifully intimate and loving relationship with Him.

Today, perhaps you have a disability that seems to hinder how much God can work through you, leaving you with a daily sense of uselessness and a sense of being much more worthless than others in God’s Kingdom who are being used in some wonderful, public ways.

However, my friend, may I (as one who is also disabled by physical maladies) remind you that God’s PRIMARY desire and plan in regard to your life is not how much He can do through you, but rather how much you will allow Him to work within you!

Jesus teaches in the gospels that there will be many on the last day who will be rejected from entrance into heaven (Matthew 7:21-23). With tears they will cry out, “Lord, did we not preach and prophecy in Your Name, cast out demons, and do miracles?” (Notice these are things related to God working through them).

And Jesus will reply, “Depart from Me, I never knew you, you who practice lawlessness.” (This is in regard to those who did not allow God to work within them, and did not collaborate with God for their internal transformation from sin and corruption of heart and soul).

So, whether we are bed-ridden or we can run ministry marathons, our calling is to first and foremost answer the call to minister to The Lord, being faithful to the ministry of surrendering our hearts, minds, souls, spirits, memories, ambitions, dreams, desires, etc. to God as He dwells within us and as He works within us.

God working through us has eternal value and eternal meaning when, and only when, this outward work flows as an offshoot from the primary river of His work within us being accomplished on an ongoing, daily basis.

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