A Writer’s Irony

This afternoon I started to write an article on “What to do When Exhausted & Empty.”  It starts by using several one-sentence scenarios to describe being in a state of absolute exhaustion and emptiness in the body, mind, and soul.  The writing plan is then to follow that with some of my personal testimony on the subject and what I have found to be the “secret” for breakthrough in those times.

But, wouldn’t you know it, I am too exhausted and empty physically and emotionally to complete it today!  My spirit is pumped up, but my soul (body & emotions) is deflated…

Anyway, it struck me as I was closing my document file how ironic this is.  It isn’t a failure, it’s just time to re-engage the “secret” for another breakthrough.  Most battles in this life are not fought and won (or fought and lost) in just one confrontation.  Like Rocky in the boxing ring, most fights are long and drawn out (15 rounds, or more!) even though we know the outcome will be victory if we “fight the good fight of faith” by the power of the Holt Spirit and according to our Lord’s teaching, coaching, and example.

So, if you will excuse me for a while, I have a “secret” to engage in a secret place so that breakthrough may be secured yet once again.

[If you are in a place in life where you face chronic exhaustion and emptiness, please share some of it with me via a private email to me. I would love to partner with you in prayer, my friend.  Two praying is always better than just one!]

One thought on “A Writer’s Irony

  1. David – this showed up in my email box as I signed up to receive notices when you post here on your blog. As I have already shared with you on FB – know that I have been praying for you – always, my friend.

    I trust the Holy Spirit as He entrusts you with His secret treasures in the darkness. Thus shared, they become a stronger bond between you two and when He allows and an opportunity presents itself, I know you will share treasures with us!

    No telling what name or “”user name” will show up here! I hope it says, “Lynn”!


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