Losing When You are Right.

Son, you ‘won,’ but you lost!

~ My Dad

“If [you]… can fathom… all knowledge,… but do not have love, [you are] nothing.”

~ My Heavenly Father, 1 Corinthians 13:2

When I was a kid I would argue with my Mom about almost everything. Why? I don’t know, but I do regret the frustration that I brought into her life during that stage of my life.

One day I was arguing with her about something, and this time I was right. I had the information that she did not have. In fact, because of my having the right information I was able to argue her “under the table,” so to speak. I won the argument, and she knew it.

My Dad had been patiently listening-in on our conflict and once I had won the argument he took me for a walk.

He told me that though I had “won” the argument with my Mom (I had the truth and information on my side), he said that I had actually lost. I had “won,” but I had lost.

He taught me a powerful lesson that day! I learned that though I may have all the right information, all the right knowledge, and all the truth regarding a situation, I have nothing if I have not loved the other person.

Does this mean that knowledge and truth are irrelevant? No, of course not! It just means that the value of those things are found and enjoyed only when they are used and shared in an attitude of love.

I think we have all met fellow Christians who have a lot of knowledge about the Bible, doctrines, theology, Church history, denominational differences, and they have an opinion about every iota of information they have ever filed away in their mind. But they also are a horrible experience to encounter because they argue and make their point without any sense of love for those who may disagree with them, or who just may not know as much as they do.

They “win” their arguments, but they actually lose the encounter… they have knowledge without love… they are nothing (v.2).

This is a life-lesson that I have been continuing to learn throughout my life. I invite you to join me in this journey… if you aren’t already on this same journey. If you are ahead of me, send to me some lessons that you have already learned. I don’t like to learn the hard way when someone has already paid that price and can now offer that lesson free of charge.


4 thoughts on “Losing When You are Right.

  1. David – this is such an important lesson for any of us to learn. Thank you for expressing it so well. Lynn 🙂


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