The Journal Transitions

Every one, two, or three years I seem to transition my journal [] to a different hosting service.  Sometimes the hosting is free, other times I have paid a small monthly fee (though I have not used a paid hosting service in a few years now).


My transitions are not due to unhappiness with a particular hosting service, but rather out of a sense of hobby, enjoying the transition itself.

SquareSpace, Blogger, TypePad, and now WordPress are all hosts that I have enjoyed using immensely, each having its own merits and value. is my current destination and so far I am really enjoying the bells-and-whistles of the platform.  After reading about WordPress’ origins and ongoing development and servicing by an entire open-type community, I am amazed at WordPress (the platform) as a community project!

This post is being written and posted over a WiFi connection using my iPhone with iOS 5.  I’m considering the purchase of an iPad with a portable keyboard as a means for encouraging my practice of journaling.  I’ll wait and see how the budget goes.

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