One Nation’s Poverty is Another’s Wealth

In Africa, many of the World’s poorest countries (ie. “Third World Countries”) are found.  In those areas where food is scarce and malnutrition is rampant, there is a very visible sign or symptom that shows itself in the bodies of the population: most of them have stomachs that are extended as a direct result of malnutrition.  If one does not know what they are looking at, it would appear that they are fat, or over fed.

In America, we live in a country that has been blessed beyond our imaginations.  Though a percentage of our population is considered to be poverty, they are in no way in the same poverty that Third World Countries are in.

The “poverty-stricken” portion of our population tend to have “luxuries” that only the “wealthy” of Third World Countries enjoy.

In fact, in Third World Countries, especially in Africa, a sign of being wealthy is that of being fat or downright obese.

Generally speaking, the part of our population that is in “poverty” is, on average, overweight… fat… and even obese.  Their stomachs do not extend due to malnutrition, but due to eating too many fat grams and calories.  In their poverty they have access to too much food.

One country’s poverty is another country’s wealth.

Let’s be humbly thankful to God for what we do have.  Our country is blessed beyond what we deserve, even to where our country’s poverty-stricken can give to the poor of other countries what they consider to be great wealth!

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