We MUST Respect God More!

I read 2 Samuel 6 this morning, the passage that record’s David’s sincere (yet unscriptural!) method of bringing the Ark of the Covenant (also known as the Ark of The Presence of God) to Jerusalem. They used a “new ox cart” which sounds good, BUT it was completely outside of God’s prescribed method for transporting the Ark. It was to be carried on the shoulders of the Priests, and NOT by any other means.

When the oxen stumbled, the Ark shifted on the cart, and Uzzah reached out to steady the Ark by touching it. God struck him dead.

What? Doesn’t sound like your notion of a loving God? Striking down someone who was being helpful and sincere in caring for a Holy object of God’s design?

My friends, have we forgotten the HOLINESS of God, and how we are to respect Him? He is a GREAT KING, and He deserves our utmost respect and obedience in our interactions with Him!

This isn’t just an Old Testament example of God’s zeal and passion for His Holiness that somehow cooled down by the time we entered the New Covenant, the New Testament era of Grace. Grace does not mean our sin or disrespect is overlooked… God’s Grace is ONLY a brief delay of Holy and Final Judgement so that we, as finite beings, can look to the Cross of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness that God has provided for those who will ask and believe for it.

In the New Testament, the Book of Acts tells of the story of Ananias and Sapphira who, upon lying to the Apostle Peter AND to The Holy Spirit, were struck down and died as a result.

King Herod also was struck down by an Angel of God for his disrespect of God’s Holiness and Uniqueness… in the Book of Acts.

My point is this: While we certainly look to God as our Heavenly Father and as our Friend and Confident, His Holy Spirit as our Comforter and Partner, His Son as our Brother and Lord and Friend, WE MUST REMEMBER TO RESPECT HIM AS OUR KING, TO BE OBEYED IMMEDIATELY AND WITH IMPLICITNESS!

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