Inspiration, Interpretation, Scripture, and Pride.

Harold Camping and his Family Radio Ministry (based in California) have made a bold declaration:

On May 21, 2011 the Rapture will take place where the dead in Christ will rise first, then those who are alive will follow in being caught-up into the clouds to finally join Jesus. God’s Judgment of those who remain behind will then take place.

Here is the kicker: Harold Camping says regarding May 21, 2011 being the Day of the Rapture, that “The Bible Guarantees it!”

I believe the Bible really IS true, and I believe that Harold Camping really IS wrong.

One of the pillars of the Christian’s faith is the belief that the Scriptures are inspired by God, given to us by God through human writers, and that the Scriptures are infallible (true, and without error).

However, no person’s interpretation of the Scriptures is considered to be infallible (except for someone like Harold Camping who does not seem to see any difference between God’s inspiration of Scripture, and his own interpretation of Scripture.)

God’s inspiration of Scripture is infallible, while man’s interpretation of Scripture is fallible.
In a case such as this, when Harold Camping (or anyone for that matter) has had to engage in an extraordinary amount of interpretation of a mountain of Scripture passages, it is not prudent to say, “The Bible Guarantees It!”.  At best, he should limit the guarantees to, “I guarantee it!”

By saying, “The Bible Guarantees It!,” he is [either consciously or subconsciously, and most likely out of pride] equating his own interpretation of Scripture with God’s infallible inspiration of Scripture.

On a closing note, just as one recovering alcoholic can spot another active alcoholic, I as a recovering “pride-oholic” can spot an active “pride-oholic” from across the room. Harold Camping is full of pride, and as Proverbs DOES guarantee, “pride comes before a fall,” and I am afraid that he is about to have the biggest crash of his life.

I do not rejoice or relish the idea of this proud man having his pride crushed when Sunday comes and we are all still here. When I fell and had my own pride crushed, it was one of the most painful and humiliating experiences of my life.

But, God crushes our pride so that we can be rebuilt and refashioned by Him into His own image, having had our own image lost to the dust in the wind.

Brother Camping, when Sunday comes and we are all still here, turn to the Lord and humble what little pride might still remain. God has some wonderful re-fashioning of your life to accomplish… and it will then become your most deeply appreciated and treasured phase of your journey with Christ in this lifetime.

You receive no judgement from me. I am excited for what God has planned to accomplish in you through this crushing process that will begin for you on Sunday, May 22, 2011.

Praying with you, and for you. See you at God’s altar of alteration… His altar of humiliation… His altar of humility. I’ll see you there because I am a recovering “pride-oholic”.  And I love God for what He is doing in me!  He wants to do the same in you!

2 thoughts on “Inspiration, Interpretation, Scripture, and Pride.

  1. Excellent word, David. There is something comforting about knowing that God can kick the slats out from under us and still redeem us in the same action. While I'm not looking for those times of "humbling at God's hand", I wouldn't trade them in my walk with him. The task of humbling myself seems to be a daily and sometimes elusive chore, nonetheless, we must all engage it lest we also mistake our fallible words for His infallible word. Thanks for this encouragement.GaryFellow recovering pride addict


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