The Chronic Grace of God

I have found the scriptures to be absolutely true when the Lord told the Apostle Paul [who was being tormented by a “thorn in the flesh“] that God’s grace would be sufficient for his journey of suffering and pain.

While I suffer with chronic pain (and sometimes outright agony), I am at the same time blessed by God’s chronic grace (if I may phrase it that way) which is more real to me than even the pain.

In a sense, the pain is almost surreal, but God’s grace is so real, and is provided through His tangible Presence!  His grace does not take my pain away. His grace does however equip me physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually to endure the pain, and to do so with a heart that is filled with joy and is established in peace… His peace!

If you suffer with a chronic pain condition of some kind, pray for healing, and also pray for the “chronic” grace of God to sustain you until His healing arrives in your life.

See you at the altar, my friend, where we together will approach our gracious Heavenly Father Who will provide all that we need!



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