Sundays are NOT "me" Days!

When I was in Bible School preparing for ministry, I found that Sundays (“The Lord’s Day,” as the Apostles in the New Testament call it) where extremely draining on me both physically and emotionally.

After praying for a change in how I was experiencing Sundays, I had a thought wander slowly through my mind:
“Let Sundays be for God, and for other people.  Sundays are NOT ‘me’ days!”
So, I did. I made a conscious decision that Sundays were not going to be “me” days. Instead, they would be all about God and all about other people.
Something amazing transpired. From that next Sunday forward, as I consciously made “The Lord’s Day” ALL about HIM and THEM, and NOT about ME, I was well rested physically and emotionally all day long.
Sure I still catch a nap on Sunday afternoon if time permits it, but the Holy Spirit EMPOWERS me and RESTS me for the service that I render to both God and People on “The Lord’s day!”
Thank You for dropping by and reading my journal.  See you at the altar of service, where we (1) serve God in worship, in giving, and in intercession, and where we (2) serve People in encouragement, in intercession, and in fellowship.

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