What If You Were Not American?

Americans, please consider for a moment:

What if you had been born and lived your whole life in Haiti, in economic poverty and now even your poverty-valued belongings were destroyed by an earthquake?

Or, in North Korea, isolated from the rest of the world, and always being told that all the other nations are looking for the slightest opportunity to invade and destroy your family and your people?

Or, in Ethiopia, where there is constant famine and civil war, and no real government that can bring order to society; where the only “law and order” is established by gangs, thugs, and pirates armed with AK-47’s and are often drunk or high on drugs.

Or, in Mongolia, in Columbia, in Iran

God has blessed us, America! Let us bless Him in return by letting Him back into our schools, our public squares, and yes… back into our churches.

Our nation will be sustained if we keep our altars in our churches populated, altars that once again are places of both Repentance and Thanksgiving.

See you at the altar, my fellow Americans! Let us consider God’s blessings that have been poured out upon us from our nation’s birthday until today, and let our Thanksgiving be raised to the Heavens with a Shout of Praise!

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