The Perfectionist’s Oxymoronic Challenge

If you are a perfectionist, you will no doubt identify with the following posting.  For those of us who are driven by the pursuit of perfectionism in some things, many things, or all things, we struggle with getting things done.  Thus, if you know a procrastinator, you likely also know a perfectionist.

One would think that a perfectionist would tend to get things done, but their drive isn’t to get things done.  Their (our!) drive is to do things perfectly, or not at all.  I know, it doesn’t make much sense, but did I ever say that it does?

So, some of the most talented, God-gifted people remain dormant and unfruitful in life for a simple reason: they have not been able to accept a less-than-perfect product or fruit to come of their service or work.  In a way, we might say that a perfectionist’s number one barrier is their “faith” in their own imperfection.

As for the motives that lay behind our perfectionism, well, let’s leave those at the altar for now.  That could be a long one to discuss.

One thought on “The Perfectionist’s Oxymoronic Challenge

  1. I often tell voice/piano students that perfectionism can be their greatest enemy. Even though I was "trained to perform" (perfectionism at its peak: classical vocal training) through the years I continue to see that my increasing "imperfections", due to age, are becoming my greatest blessings. God didn't ask me to be perfect. He simply asks me to give Him my best. One persons best is different than another persons best. My best now is different than my best 30 years ago. As you well stated, it's really ALL about the heart. Through our lives ministry pours out. God uses people, not perfect robots. Thank God!


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