"I’ll Not Forget You!"

Early in our ministry I traveled as an Evangelist for about 5 years, preaching in different churches throughout Oregon primarily on the subject of “Calling the Church to Prayer.”

During one especially dry season in my spirit, my emotions were spent. Perhaps you too have experienced a season where what you “felt” (i.e. emotions) and what you “knew” (i.e. intellect) where separated by a very wide chasm. That is the place in which I found myself.

My feelings where telling me that God had forgotten me. While my mind knew better than that, my mind was not being very successful at changing what I was feeling… the feeling of being forgotten by God.

So, I began to pray and pour out my heart to God. I expressed my feelings of abandonment by Him, but I also expressed my sure knowledge that He had not forgotten me. I was praying that God would touch my feelings; that He would uplift me and confirm to my feelings what I already knew in my intellect and in my faith: that God had not forgotten me, though it sure felt like it!

After some time of prayer and maybe some time of feeling sorry for myself, I had a picture flash in my mind. It was a picture of a scripture reference, a reference I was unfamiliar with off-hand:

Isaiah 49:15

Not knowing what the verse might be, I looked it up to see if there might be some relevance to what I had been praying to the Lord about. What I read immediately initiated a flood of tears; tears of appreciation, tears of joy, tears that come when God is in such close proximity:

“Can a mother forget the baby at her breast
and have no compassion on the child she has borne?
Though she may forget,
I’ll not forget you!”

I was so overjoyed that I could hardly believe it! This wasn’t the first time that God had answered a prayer by speaking to me through His Word, and it thankfully was not the last time either. To this day, I am blessed and kept by this verse!

But, there is more! After prayer I got into our car to run an errand, and when I turned the car on, the radio was set to our local Christian music station, and just as I turned the car on, a new song began to play. A song sung by Bryan Duncan:

Sarah’s waiting in a crown of silver hair
Maternal heart still aching
A promised ray of hope, a child to bear
No child is here, is this not fair?
Her labor of love has no device
Faithful in silent sacrifice
Has Heaven forgotten?
Is God still there?
He says, “Learn to trust me”

“I’ll not forget you,
I’ll not forget you,
I’ll not forget you,
I’ll not forget you”

Abraham is marking time as years go by
Hiding his pain in laughter
And every night he’s counting stars that fill the sky
So sure his dream has passed him by
Doubting, his vision’s not so clear
What did God say, what did I hear?
Has heaven forgotten?
Is God still there?
He says, “Learn to trust me”

“I’ll not forget you,
I’ll not forget you,
I’ll not forget you,
I’ll not forget you”

Oh! And every day in pain, I wait
I can’t help but wonder why
You promise me your love and say goodbye
Please don’t say goodbye!

I’ll not forget you
I’ll not forget you
I’ll not forget you
I’ll not forget you, oh!
When you walk alone
When you break inside
(I’ll not forget you)
When a loved one dies
(I’ll not forget you
I’ll not forget you)
When your youth is gone
(I’ll not forget you
I’ll not forget you)
Oh in an empty home
(I’ll not forget you
I’ll not forget you)
When your health has gone
(I’ll not forget you)

My friend, whatever you are going through, God has not forgotten you! And, He not only cares about what you believe, He cares about how you feel! Call to Him today, spend time with Him, draw near to Him, express yourself to Him…

He will show you that He has not forgotten you either!

2 thoughts on “"I’ll Not Forget You!"

  1. Is it not awesome that if we search God’s word, that every feeling that we have can be answered in scrpture. God was so right on to give you that scripture. Just recently I to was directed to that specific declaration from God. He has loved us since the beginning of the world. He did not choose us to be saved so that we would get lost. He knows our most inner thoughts and knows just what we need to overcome ourselves.There is nothing that we can ask our God in love that He will not give us. Every desire that we lack, we only need ask. Every prayer we fail to pray, He will give us that too, all we need do is ask.We are like Paul says, a great big dung heap. Anything good that comes from us is really God flowing through us. It is so amazingly awsome that He does this.I have not stopped praying for Him to direct my prayer life. That He would give me the right desires concerning the work that needs to be done. That He would give me the desire to pray even.Dave I could just go on and on. Soon you will be sharing the gospel, I know it. I don’t have any special revelation, I just know our God , and the Love He has for you. He knows the desires of your heart, after all He is the one who put them there!!!!!Amen brother. Keep up the good fight. We are more than conquerers through Christ Jesus. Keep asking for Christ to give you the questions. The answers are allready written down for us. Amen??I love you brother. We must get together soon. I feel a prayer meeting in my spirit. With Teresa leading some song and if you would invite some prayer warriors, I think that such insense would be enjoyed by our Lord.Let’s do it. There will always be reasons why we can’t. There are more important reasons why we must.AmenThanks for “I’ll Not Forget You”, God speaks with one voice.


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