Computer Chaos!

In the next few days I should be able to finish and post, “Praise & Worship: Simply Defined – Part 2.” Between now and then I have a couple of posts that I am working on, one of which is this posting [“Computer Chaos”] which will fall under the category [or label] of personal.

A couple of days ago [on Wednesday morning] I did the unthinkable: I spilled an entire cup of fresh coffee onto our laptop. I know, I know, what a careless waste of a perfectly good cup of coffee, but just for a moment let me direct our gaze beyond that tragedy [large and serious as it may be] and focus on a second tragedy: the laptop is not working.

 Being technologically savvy, I have taken the laptop apart so as to dry the inside and to clean what can be reached with an appropriate kind of cloth. Thankfully, there is no tell-tale odor that usually accompanies shorted circuit components, so maybe [just maybe] there will be an easy fix [maybe].

So, while I am mourning the potential loss of our laptop (and those of you who have lost a computer know what it feels like) I go into my office to work on the desktop computer in there.


… when I turn that machine on, it boots up… then it reboots… then it reboots… then it reboots… (well, you get the idea). Somewhere along the time line of things the office desktop encounters a corrupted file of sorts which has put it in a perpetual state of rebooting. While it sounds like a virus, my initial thought is that it may not be that malicious. Either way, my work is cut out for me.

So, for now I am “hi-jacking” Teresa’s desktop computer in the living room and also using my iPhone to check Facebook, emails, and to scratch my itch to write (whether I publish the material or not, I enjoy studying the Scriptures and writing).

In the midst of the computer chaos, we are also working at finshing some projects around the house that involve electrical work and floor installation. So, for a guy who is unable to work, I sure do have a long list of to-do’s. (Notice that I did not say, “for a guy who is unable to work, I sure do get a lot done.” No, I just have a long list of things that need to get done.)

Thanks for reading!

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