The Benefit of Long Presidential Campaigns!

Like most people, I grow very tired of the long, LONG (and in this case, VERY LONG) Presidential Campaigns. A short time ago I heard a radio commentator suggest that Presidential Campaigns be limited to two months followed by one nation-wide primary [held on the same day] and then the final general vote to follow very soon after that.

However, there is a benefit to having some extra time involved in the campaigns. This expanded time allows for the best and the worst of the candidates to surface while they are being vetted by the nation. Each candidate makes comments, both scripted and unscripted, that prompt further discussion and investigation of their philosophies, policies, and both personal and professional histories.

Perhaps enduring elongated Presidential Campaigns are like taking cough syrup when we were kids: we didn’t like it, but it turned out to be the best for us in the long run.

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